Fillmore BLOG1


Hi friends and viewers, I am Jennifer Shields, a journalism student at SF State and this blog is going to be about my trips to the Fillmore neighborhood of San Francisco. The Fillmore neighborhood drew my attention because of the not-so-well known Japan town that is located in it. From the three trips I’ve taken to this neighborhood I’ve noticed a strong sense of community in the neighborhood from the few parks for children to the community center that holds events for the residents. One resident has lived in the neighborhood a very long time and had this to say about the neighborhood, “I’ve been here since 1957 and i have many opinions about what goes on here.” The residents are very passionate about keeping their neighborhood a clean and safe place and don’t mind putting in work to make that happen. “I clean up at least three poops a day,” a resident had to say about the homeless problem in the alley way by her house. The city is looking to turn Japan town into a more well-known tourist attraction, similar to chinatown. It’s worth a visit for anyone with the Benihana’s they have hidden in the Japan center, which is personally one of my favorite restaurants. If you go you have to try their famous punch bowl.